Body temperature screening security gate

Body temperature screening security gate

vTechnical performance:

Measure temperature0~50

Temperature resolution0.1


Response time150

Alarm temperatureself-setting, such as 37.5 degrees

Body temperature alarm methodsound and light alarm

Detection distance<0.5

Working environment0~5020-80%RH

Metal detection areaAccording to the basic structure of the human body, the metal detection gate is divided into 12 detection areas, and multiple areas are detected simultaneously

Detection sensitivityEach detection zone can be adjusted with 300 levels of sensitivity (the sensitivity level can be set in advance according to the actual application situation. It can exclude belt buckles, keys, jewelry, coins and other items and detect controlled knives, guns or Metal items)

Detection and alarm working modesingle area single report, multiple area single report, multiple area multiple report, three working modes can be set by the program

Sound and light alarmsiren, doorpost location indicator light on both sides, can synchronize sound and light alarm prompt

Working frequency16 working frequencies can be set by program, with stronger anti-interference ability

Fast detection speedtwo pairs of infrared beam scanning, fast response, can carry out large flow detection (60 people / minute and above)

Counting functioncan count the number of people passing through and the number of alarms, the number of people is accurate

Double protectiondouble protection by mechanical lock and password. Only operators who pass password verification can set parameters on the panel of the host.

InterfaceReserved communication interface, can synchronize touch peripherals, such as: camera, alarm, access control, swing gate, three roller gate, Jizha and other peripherals

Appearancenovel style, avant-garde design, showing majestic luxury

Materialmade of special synthetic material, the surface is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant

Safetyharmless to the human body (harmless to cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women, etc.), harmless to items (harmless to magnetic floppy disks, magnetic tapes, video tapes, etc.), adopting international and domestic safety standards that meet the current applicable environment

vTechnical Parameters:

External power220V  50/60Hz

Power consumption35W

Working frequencyself-adjusting according to the installation environment

Working environment-20 + 60

Dimensions2220() 820() 400() mm  10%

Channel size2000() 700() 400() mm  10%

Total Weight 70kg

Shipping weight 80kg

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