Intelligent body temperature screening machine

Intelligent body temperature screening machine

vPerformance characteristics:

1Precise body temperature screeningimported infrared sensor + body temperature conversion + core algorithm.

2StabilityThe core anti-interference algorithm can shield the interference heat radiation source and effectively detect the human body.

3SafetyNo close contact between people is required, and body temperature data is automatically screened 2 meters away.

4Intelligentvoice broadcast, total number of alarms (memory when power off).

5Powerful functionshigh temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, anti-interference setting, ambient temperature compensation setting.

6Energy savingThe power consumption is low, and the host panel sleeps in the energy saving mode.

7Humanizationheight and angle are adjustable, suitable for all height people.

8Easy to useNo action required, just listen or see the results.

9Lightweighteasy to move, easy to transport, easy to store and save space.

10No worriesdurable, no windows, no worries about crash of Android system, no harsh environmental requirements of LCD screen, no many clumsy temperature measuring equipment, complicated and awkward, self-contained.

vTechnical Parameters:

Measure temperature25~45

Temperature resolution0.1


Response time3s

Alarm temperatureself-setting, such as 37.5

Body temperature alarm modetemperature display, voice broadcast

Detection distanceMiddle distance 0.3mLong distance 1.5m

Working environment0~50 20-80%RH


Voltage220V 50/60Hz

vTechnical specifications:

Dimensions286(long) 115(width) 100(high) mm

Window size80(width) 58.1(high) mm


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