Technical performance:

(1) Based on artificial intelligence algorithm and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, it can quickly check and warn people with fever symptoms in the crowd, and accurately display the maximum temperature value, which is suitable for large-scale public places such as airports, stations, ports, customs, checkpoints, schools, hospitals and so on

(2) Accuracy: 0.5

(3) Response time: 0.05s

(4) Detection distance: 1.5-5m

(5) Field of view angle (calculated value): 40 30

(6) Measurement range: 20 - 50

(7) Resolution: 2 megapixel

(8) Temperature compensation and calibration with blackbody

(9) Metal detection area: according to the basic structure of human body, the metal detection door is divided into six detection areas, and multiple areas are detected synchronously

(10) Detection sensitivity: each detection area can be adjusted with 256 levels of sensitivity

(11) Detection and alarm working mode: single zone single alarm, multi zone single alarm, multi zone multi alarm, three working modes can be set by program

(12) Sound and light alarm: the alarm and the location indicator of the door posts on both sides can give synchronous sound and light alarm

(13) Working frequency: 16 working frequencies can be set by program with stronger anti-interference ability

(14) Counting function: it can count the number of people who pass the test and the number of people who call the police, and the statistics are accurate

(15) Double protection: mechanical lock and password double protection. Only the operator who has passed the password verification can set parameters on the host panel

(16) Interface: reserved interface, synchronous touch peripherals, such as camera, alarm, access control, channel gate and other peripherals

(17) Appearance: novel style, avant-garde design, showing dignity and luxury

(18) Material: it is made of special synthetic materials, with surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and fire resistance

(19) Safety: harmless to human body (harmless to heart pacemaker, pregnant woman, etc.) and articles (harmless to magnetic floppy disk, magnetic tape, video tape, etc.). International and domestic safety standards conforming to the current applicable environment shall be adopted

Technical parameters:

External power supply: 220 V 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption: 35W

Working frequency: adjust according to the installation environment

Working environment: - 20 - + 60

Overall dimension: 2220 (H) 820 (W) 500 (d) mm ( 10%)

Channel size: 2000 (H) 700 (W) 500 (d) mm ( 10%)

Total weight: 75kg

Total weight: 85kg

Product list: binocular thermal imaging camera, monitor, security door

The physical picture

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