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Propecia lawsuit- what you need to know

By: Gene Smith   
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A United States Propeciaclassaction lawsuit has not currently been filed against the popular Merck & Co. as it failed to disclose the side effects attached with Propecia prescription drug. This drug is basically recommended for the problem of male pattern hair loss and baldness. The lawsuit filed seeks the compensation for men who have used this drug and eventually faced some serious ill effects including sexual dysfunction. Individuallawsuits further claim that Merck failed to tell all side effects that can be faced by taking Propecia that actually led to permanent sexual desire loss and huge amount of suffering.

The suit even asserts that the information made available by the manufacturer that the effects of this drug may go away when it is not taken anymore is simply untrue. The Propecia lawsuit claims that the active ingredient that is found in this drug i.e. finasteride actually resulted in the problem of sexual dysfunction in plaintiffs and this further led to medical and health related problems like insomnia, anxiety attacks, emotional symptoms. These conditions further became chronic and persistedeven a number of years after the drug was discontinued by the plaintiffs.

The Food and Drug Association, USA approved Procar in the year 1992 to treat benign prostate hyperplasia and then Propecia in 1997 to cure the problem of baldness. In fact, both these drugs include finasteride, the ingredient that contributes in prevention of hair loss. The reason behind recommendation of Propecia drug is that it is used as the remedy to thin hair in case of male with some baldness around top of their heads and front of mid-scalp proximity. The drug actually functions on the scalp hair and does not impact hair that is available on other body areas. Finasteride, the active ingredient in Propecia has even been proved to affect the ability of men to sustain or have erection in their penis.

The Propecia lawsuit even claims that a large number of plaintiffs faced memory loss, libido loss, impotence, insomnia, breathlessness, erectile dysfunction and nipple discharge after use of the drug. The patients further agree that this drug worked great to rejuvenate the growth of hair but actually ruined their sexual lives thereby leaving them failed and impotent intheir lives. These sufferers even claimed that they faced sexual anhedonia and anesthesia that is in fact the worst of all dysfunctions faced and does not even go away throughout the life of a person. The Propecia class action asserts that most plaintiffs have experienced problems like neurological ill effects, neuro-cognitive effects, bipolar mood disorders, psychiatric disorders, cognitive dysfunction, listlessness, lethargy, social withdrawal as well as amotivationalsyndrome.

The sufferers are trying hard to win the lawsuit but the reality is that they have actually faced tremendously at the hands of errors made by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. If you or any of your family members or acquaintances hasfaced a similar situation due to Propecia side effects, you can hire the services of a qualified lawyer to help you proceed with the case.

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