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Road Accident Claims? - call Easigo Accident Management

By: Jhon simith   
Date Added : June 10, 2011 Views : 455

A lorry went in the back
of my car; when I rang my insurers to make a road accident claim, they wouldn’t
help. I only have third party cover, so my insurers were not interested in
dealing with my road accident claim.

 A friend recommended Easigo, and they handled
all aspects of my road accident claim.

Easigo traced the other driver, & filed a road accident claim against his
insurers. They lent me a replacement car, & their road accident claim
engineers did a full report of the damage to my car. Easigo’s lawyers also
organised physiotherapy, since I had hurt my neck in the accident.

Once Easigo’s solicitors were involved, the other driver’s insurers reacted to
sort out my road accident claim. Before Easigo got involved it seems insurers
were not doing anything to resolve my road accident claim.

Easigo organised a medical for me, so that I could get the proper compensation
for my road accident claim. They then sent details of my injuries to the other
insurers. This enables the insurers to agree the right compensation for my road
accident claim.

I am pleased to say I am now fully recovered, and would recommend anyone with a
road accident claim to user Easigo. In fact, my aunt, who drives to Spain, has since used Easigo to handle her road
accident claim- even though the accident was in Spain!

To conclude, I would recommend Easigo to anyone with a road accident claim.
Even if you have fully comprehensive insurance, Easigo will save you paying
policy excess, and will fight your road accident claim where your own insurer
may just want to agree joint blame.

For more information about road accident claims please visit our web site http://www.easigo.co.uk/

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