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Roulette – the king of casino games

By: Neil Echavarriaha.   
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Ever since man has invented games for recreation, joy and to test one’s luck, games like roulette have come into existence. Roulette is one of those games where an individual would try his or her luck. In many a cases, there are instances where the players would walk away with several millions of dollars after the game. In spite of being played in casinos for several decades, roulette is still the leading game in casinos. Hence, it is also called the king of casino games.

As many would know, there are many casino games that are being played by the people across the globe. Roulette is said to have its origin in France or some European country. Off late when some countries banned casinos, roulette was played in places like Monte Carlo and other major cities only. However, today, there are many casinos in the world where roulette is being played. The game is quite exciting and fun. Simultaneously, there would also be ample opportunity to win large sums of money to the player. There are certain exciting facts about roulette which everyone would be interested to know. They are:

1)There would be one to thirty six numbers on the roulette wheel in the casino.

2)The numbers would be divided into blocks painted either red or black.

3)Odd numbers in 1 to 10 and from 20 to 27 are in red color and from 11 to 19 and 28 to 36 the odd numbers would be in black and the even numbers would be in red color.

4)One can bet on any specific number or a range of numbers or the color or on all even or odd numbers.

5)The wheel in any roulette game in the casino would be placed above the table to ensure no machine or tool is hidden under it.

6)American roulette wheel would contain a single zero slot and a double zero slot and an eagle slot along with the 36 numbers where as the European roulette would contain only a single zero slot along with the 36 numbers.

7)Any number of players can bet at one time, however, betting wouldn’t be allowed when the wheel stops and the marker is placed to show the winning number.

8)Today there are several thousands of roulette wheels and tables being exported both from Europe as well as US.

The above are a few facts about the roulette game usually placed in a Casino. Today, thanks to the internet, the roulette and other interesting and exciting casino games can be played online too. One can play casino games without actually going to a Casino now. All that one needs to do is register in online casino and pay the initial token amount to start playing roulette.

Due to the probability of winning and the excitement roulette games brings in; people have been calling it the king of all casino games. Truly, fun, excitement and money are all together present in a roulette

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