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Sathya Sai Baba Passed away- We could predict the Hour of death

By: Acharya Kalki Krishna   
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Sai Baba or Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi passed away on 24 April at 7:40 IST,
after nearly a month of hospitalization.

Who he was?

Sai Baba born as Sathyanarayana Raju was a Guru/ Master, spiritual figure and
educator. In 2011, he was listed as one of the 100 most spiritually influential
people in the world. He was described by his devotees as an incarnation, God Sai
Baba, spiritual teacher and miracle worker. The apparent materialising of holy
ash and other small objects such as rings, necklaces and watches by Baba has
been a source of both fame and controversy – skeptics consider these simple
conjuring tricks while devotees consider them as signs of divinity.

Sai Baba claimed to be the reincarnation of the spiritual guru, Sai Baba of
Shirdi/ Shirdi Sai Baba/ Sai shirdi Baba, whose teachings were an eclectic
blend of Hindu and Muslim beliefs.

Purpose of this article

article is being written to elaborate, how we had predicted the death of Sai
Baba of Puttaparthi, with 100% accuracy, even without consulting his Horoscope
or his birth details, only through the Horoscope of coming year, in the light
of principles of Mundane astrology. It is our great belief that one may be his
follower or Critic, but he cannot deny that he affected the lives of millions;
and his death is of such a magnitude that it should be reflected in the Yearly
Horoscope prepared for Mundane Horoscope.

The tradition

is great Vedic tradition to discuss the coming year; in the term of happenings,
mishappenings, events; on the basis of 
starting moment of coming year, in the light of great tenets of Vedic
Astrology. From time immemorial, householders in India used to visit their family
Astrologer, with offering in their hands, for knowing the implications of
coming year on their life. In the same way, heads of State used to discuss
coming year and its implications to their States, so that they could formulate
their policies, make yearly plans etc.

How we follow

the same tradition, we organize Workshops at Noida, India,
much before the start of New Year, to know the events, which are going to take
place in the coming year. We want to stress here that we use only the Year,  which starts from the moment of conjunction of
Sun and Moon in Pieces or New Moon in Pieces, popularly called Vikrami Year,
Hindu Year or sometime mistakenly called Vedic Year. We have, invariably found
that results arrived out of  analysis of
planetary positions for this moment are hundred percent accurate for the whole
coming year, for the particular place, of which Longitudes and Latitudes have
been taken.

Current Year

we are coming to the current year, which started on 03 April, 2011 at 20:02
Hours IST. Friends from any other time zone are requested to ask us for exact
time of start of this year in their time zone at our E-mail: astrovaastukendra@gmail.com; we
will feel obliged.


Chart for the current year

planetary position at this position calculated as per Vedic principles and
after taking Longitudes and Latitudes of New Delhi, Capital of India, were as








The findings in the Chart

going through the above planetary position, we were startled to find that:

Ninth house, indicating religious and spiritual orders, sects is highly
afflicted by the combine effect of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu,

Lord of Ninth House, indicating Religious leaders, in this case Mercury, is
combust as well as retrograde; and again afflicted by Saturn and Mars,

The Jupiter, the significator for religious and spiritual matters and leaders,
is again combust and afflicted by Saturn and Mars,

In the Divisional Chart, Navamsa or D-9, Ninth house, Leo as well as Gemini,
Sign of Ninth House of Main Chart is afflicted by Saturn,

Again, in the Navamsa or D-9 Chart, Ninth Lord of this Chart i.e. Sun as well
as  Ninth Lord of main Chart i.e.
Mercury, both are afflicted with Mars and Saturn,

Additionally, Ninth House of this Chart i.e. 
Navamsa or D-9 is afflicted by Rahu,

In the Divisional Chart, Dasamamsa or D-10, Ninth house is highly afflicted by
Saturn and Mars,

Again, in the Dasamamsa or D-10 Chart, Ninth Lord of this Chart i.e. Sun is
afflicted with Saturn,

On the other hand, Ninth Lord of main Chart i.e. Mercury, is afflicted with
Mars and Saturn both.


The Prediction we made

did not need more signals and a specific prediction was made that ‘either a
religious crisis of great magnitude will happen or some great religious leader may
pass away


Timing of event

the question arose about the timing of this event. We worked out that since,
common affliction of Ninth house with Mars and Saturn is necessary for an event
of such a great magnitude, the said event may happen either from the start of
New Year i.e. April 3, 2011 to May 3, 2011, or from July 25, 2011 to September
09, 2011, when the ninth House of new Year horoscope will get common aspect of
Mars as well as Saturn.


Actual Event

know that Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, passed away on the morning of April 24,
2011at 07:40 AM (IST). This event put up the stamp of approval on the
scientific validity of Astrology, the Super Science.


Where was the laxity

when I was doing postmortem of this prediction with our students of Research
classes on the same day i.e. April 24, 2011, suddenly a fact came out in my
mind that had we delved deep into the matter, we could have predicted the exact
time and date of this unfortunate event. How? Let us see-


We have mentioned
two probable periods in the above paragraphs, One, from April 3, 2011 to May 3,
2011, and Second, from July 25, 2011 to September 09, 2011,

Out of the above
two periods, first period is more sensitive; as in this period, along with
Ninth House, Ninth Lord is also afflicted by Saturn and Mars, while this is not
the condition in case of Second period,

Out of the period
April 3, 2011 to May 3, 2011, this event could not happen before 15:35 hours (IST)
of April 23, 2011, as till this time Ninth Lord of New Year horoscope was
retrograde; and it became direct only at this very moment,

Now, we have
narrowed down our probable period to, from 15:35 hours (IST) of April 23, 2011 to
14:48 Hours (IST) of May 3, 2011,

Now, to further
narrow down above time period, we make take help of Moon, fastest moving Graha.
For Ninth House Moon is Marakesh (Lord of death) in the main Chart as well as
Twelfth Lord (Lord of losses) in the Divisional Charts, D-9 & D-10.

Out of the whole
period mentioned in ‘D’, Moon’s  position
or aspect on Ninth House i.e. zodiac sign Gemini was only for the period from
15:35 hours (IST) of April 23, 2011 to 12:05 Hours (IST) of April 24, 2011,

Lo and behold, we
got the time frame of less than twenty four hours, in which this unfortunate
event could happen, and not only us but the whole world knows that the event
occurred only in this period.

At the time of
this unfortunate event i.e. 07:40 AM (IST) of April 24, 2011, at the place of
this event i.e. Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India (14°9.91′N 77°48.70′E),
Taurus Ascendant, Sign of Eighth House in the main New year chart as well as
Sign of Twelfth house from the Ninth House, the house subject of our study was

At the time of
this event, Mercury, Ninth Lord in the main New year chart, was posited  in Pieces(18 Degrees 53 minutes) and, was in
clear opposition to the Saturn, highly malefic being eighth Lord from Ninth
house in the main New year chart, posited in Virgo(18 Degrees 21 Minutes).

Again at the
moment of the event,  Moon, Marakesh for
the Ninth house in the main New year chart, posited in Sagittarius (27 Degrees
39 minutes)  was in clear Square to the
Jupiter, the significator for religious leaders, which was posited in Pieces
(26 Degrees 39 minutes).

Lessons For us

Yes, Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi passed
away on 24 April, but this event has given some lessons to followers of
Astrology like us-

the stars never show any laxity in their duty to hint about any event and guide
us to reach at exact nature and timing of any event;

 If we smell about anything while
delineating any Horoscope, we should always go deeper and deeper and finish our
analysis to the natural corollary, or ultimate conclusion.



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