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See What To Do For Excess Face Sweating

By: Pooja   
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Excessive face sweating is technically referred to as facial hyperhidrosis, and is known to affect over 3 million people a year. Sweating on the face is naturally a normal occurrence because it serves the purpose of cooling your face especially when the weather is hot.

When sweating, the hot atmosphere evaporates moisture from the inside of the body to the face, causing the face to cool. This is a normal process.

On the other hand, excessive face sweating is a condition by which you sweat in excess beyond normal. This type of sweating always poses a nuisance and an embarrassment to the individual. Excessive face sweating goes beyond the normal thermal regulations and causes many embarrassing problems to the individual.

There are simple remedies that can be used to solve this problem if strictly adhered to. Excessive face sweating can cause stress, depression and unease to the individual, so it is better to solve this problem forever than to manage it.

The best remedy to solving this problem is to first, always take a cold bath or shower. Whichever one that is convenient for you. Then you have to completely avoid spicy food. You should also avoid dieting and exercises, as this activities triggers excessive sweating on the face.

From experience, use this simple natural remedies that contains zero side effects, and you will be fine. Many people for decades have tried the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy surgery (ETS) and have gotten grave consequences.

This surgery is highly not recommended because it involves a surgeon making an incision through the chest cavity using a small sterilized trocar and an endoscope. The surgeon then cuts through the sympathetic nerves, which is the suppier of Nero chemicals to the chest, hands and face, and he then disables the body from sweating in these areas, which after the surgery have resulted in many horrific consequences.

Other conservational options include; medications like anticholinergic drugs, Propanthelin, Robinol, Xananx and Ditropan.

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