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Social Networks The Causes Of Huge Popularity

By: Alexx AlexG   
Date Added : February 28, 2011 Views : 502

Nowadays social networks become more and more widely spread. And with their growth they started to determine many sides of people’s living. The results of modern researches suggest that one-hald of the internet is now covered by social networks. The notion social networks appeared much earlier than the net and online networks. In 1954 it was introduced by a well known sociologist James Barns. Since then social networks have become a popular tendency that became most important in web 2.0 design. Nowadays social network have developed much and there is a great quantity of networks made for different purposes, the most important of which are to meet friends, to get acquainted, to find a job or an employee or to grow your company. The rivalry between social networks is extremely big now and only very quality and original projects can attract people now. This is the main reason of a big quantity of niche oriented social networks that were created not long ago. Some of them are only for webmasters, others allow to meet black people online, some are for intersts. Social networks have a some of advantages as well as disadvantages. Here we will talk abut the most crucial: 1. Data in your profile. On one hand, it is very convenient if you forgot the address of your friend or his mobile number, you can just visit his page in social network. But at the same time there is a danger to write such data as your home address in public profile. Making the address visible only to the friends can clear this problem, but in this case you should be certain in all your friends. Also, most of social networks never delete your data completely, so think wisely what data to fill in. 2. Escape from real world. Social networks allow to make a process of communication quicker and lots more convenient. But if this becomes a habit and somebody stops to communicate with friends in reality it can turn into a problem. But there is one more important advantage: in social networks people can connect with friends from all over the world and distances and borders can not prevent them from having a talk. And even more, now modern technologies, such as video chat, give users a chance to speak and see each other in real time. 3. Content. These day in social networks all users are able to to enjoy numerous media content: video, audio, etc. On one hand it is extremely comfortable that you can enjoy any video or listen to popular music online. But on the other hand it is frequently hard to find anything in networks due to a enormous amount of the content. 4. People. The more is the social network, the higher is the possibility that you will find somebody you wish. On the other hand, narrower oriented social networks are better, if you know what you want. Today in some networks you can meet only with your colleagues, in other with specialists, some offer possibilities for black dating, others are for moms, etc. 5. But a quantity of spam in social networks is also really great. Today this task is being solved changing a common method of communication by messages into live chat, were only real people can take part. But summering up social networks are a great innovation that may be combined with the founding of the internet. They made our living far easier and presented a real possibility to communicate with a great quantity of people from various countries without even leaving home.
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