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Spectacular Homes with Moroccan Decors

By: Azz Taiymi.   
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Moroccan décor with its colorful and magnificent furnishings has always been a matter of interest for people who are inspired by art. Morocco, a country in the Northwest Africa has a culture influenced mainly by five ethnic groups Arab, Berber, Islamic, African, and Iberian. Even though there were influences of various cultures and European invasions, the Moroccan culture was able to retain many of its most important traditional aspects.

The striking feature of Moroccan home décor is the use of vibrant colors like ruby reds, turquoise and sea blues, emerald greens and golden yellows. Usage of these colors is abundant in Moroccan furniture, lanterns, tiles, and even in rugs and fabrics used for decoration of windows, walls, and furniture. They are not just colorful but are high quality hand-crafted and hand-painted decors. A wide variety of Morocco décor pieces like mosaic tables, lanterns, couches, beds, wall hangings, and kitchen accessories are available in exclusive Moroccan designs and patterns to add a unique touch to the home interiors.

The sofas and benches in Moroccan furniture are mostly carved from cedar and thuja trees and usually have leather cushions, pillows, and bolsters along with it. Metal carved Moroccan furniture is also available. Camel bone is added to these at times to provide exotic looks. Moroccan armoires are usually of multipurpose. They can be used as wardrobe armoires for the clothes, as bookcases, or even as TV armoires. The Moroccan chests are often used as decorative pieces even though the actual purpose of these chests is storage.

Moroccan lanterns can add a magical touch to your home décor reminding you of Aladdin’s magic lamp. These multicolored lanterns and chandeliers with geometrically carved glass reflect glowing light and are apt for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Lanterns for outdoor lighting have distinctive characteristics of their own. The purpose of these are not just lighting the surroundings for visibility but are also providing safety and ambience. There are thousands of possible styles available in Moroccan lanterns for outdoor settings. Even though they look primitive, they definitely serve their purpose wherever they are used. These lanterns are a great option for lighting of porches and pool areas. Torches and lights hidden under the steps to light up the steps are the most attractive of all. These outdoor lamps can withstand weather and climatic changes. Flood lights are the most standard option available to illuminate any particular area like landscape, exterior of homes, or certain trees and plants that you want to highlight.

A Moroccan home décor is incomplete without Moroccan tiles. These Moorish tiles and mosaics have been used for floor and wall tiling over centuries all over the world. Moroccans with their great knowledge in geometry have proved that geometrical patterns are not just for calculations but also for beautification. These tiles with rich colors, excellent designs, and different textures are famous for their durability, slip-resistance, and most importantly artistic excellence. There is nothing more apt to capture the attention of others and earn their compliments than using Moroccan furniture and accessories in your home décor.

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