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Statistics That Show The Need For A Med Alert Bracelet For Seniors

By: Merrilee Venanzi   
Date Added : July 28, 2011 Views : 283

According to experts, more seniors are at risk of having a serious fall or life threatening injury around the home than any other age group. A med alert bracelet or personal senior monitor can provide individuals with peace of mind in knowing that they are free to live life as they choose, while still able to reach necessary medical personnel in case of an emergency.

One source states that of people aged 65 or older, 30 percent may suffer a fall during the performance of everyday activities. Another source explains how these falls often result in injuries that require medical attention. Accidental falls and injuries increase in severity as a person gets older. Statistics show that 40 percent of older adults who are hospitalized with severe injuries require additional services of a nursing home for rehabilitation purposes after they are released. The longer it takes for a patient to obtain medical attention, the more likely the length of time to treat the injury will be longer.

Imagine being afraid to go outside for fear that you might trip on the steps or lose your balance while taking the garbage to the curb. Independence and the ability to get around are two of the most important keys to living a fulfilling life. Seniors who live alone may become anxious about going outside and take to staying indoors rather than risk a fall away from a telephone. However, falls and other accidents happen inside the home as well. Many older adults fall in the bathroom or kitchen performing everyday activities.

Even if an accident occurs inside the home, it may be difficult to reach a phone if the injury is severe. A personal senior monitoring device like a med alert bracelet allows those individuals who live alone to contact necessary help in a timely manner and perhaps save them from spending hours, or even days, waiting for family or friends to hear their calls for help or to notice that something is wrong. Peace of mind for seniors and their families makes owning a personal monitor a wise choice.

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