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Steel Yard Ramps Raise Dock-Area Efficiency

By: Morehead Gavin.   
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Due to the fact that it’s the starting point for a company’s products in their all-important journey to the customer, it is absolutely vital that the loading dock area operate as quickly and as efficiently as possible. One factor that often can keep a busy loading dock area from operating at peak efficiency is an inability to handle overflow truck traffic. A key piece of material handling equipment that solves this problem is the steel yard ramp. Please take a few moments to read the following succinct article to learn about steel yard ramps and how they can significantly enhance the shipping and receiving side of your business.

Many businesses that have busy loading dock areas often run into a potential profit-sapping problem: one or more semi trucks has pulled up filled with cargo, and all dock slots are occupied by other trucks being loaded or unloaded. Yet the cargo on the arriving trucks needs to be transported into the facility as quickly as possible because any significant waiting time, all too frequently, equals lost profits. Very often, the optimum solution to this problem is the steel yard ramp. Every business that has a busy loading dock area should always have one if not several of these on hand. Steel yard ramp models, also often known as portable yard ramps or truck ramps, are material handling equipment that enables many dock areas to operate more efficiently.

These portable dock steel yard ramp models are constructed of heavy-duty steel and have capacities of up to 30,000 pounds. Because they are portable, they can easily be moved to a waiting truck during those busy periods when dock space is not available. The steel yard ramp is designed to provide a ground level to trailer bed conduit for forklifts to load or unload cargo. Steel yard ramps are available in lengths of 30 or 36 feet and in overall widths ranging from 72 to 85 inches. Their open serrated steel grating provides optimum traction, and, in addition, prevents buildup of water, snow, and dust. The steel yard ramps are raised to the proper height via a two-speed hand crank with optional hydraulic hand pumps also available.

In addition to being essential equipment for a company that has any degree of dock-area overflow traffic, steel yard ramps very frequently are indispensable for companies that don’t have dock areas but nonetheless receive large-quantity shipments via semi truck. When purchased with optional tow packages, dock yard ramps can easily be towed to a waiting truck, semi trailer, or train via forklift. Steel yard ramps usually come standard with a 15-inch overlap lip to ensure easy forklift access from the top of the ramp to the trailer bed. Virtually all steel yard ramp models, in addition, come standard with safety chains that secure the ramp to trailer. The top yard ramp models also are designed to self-supporting, enabling them to place no additional weight on the truck or trailer. All of these key attributes make the steel yard ramp a key piece of shipping/receiving equipment to invest in. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.

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