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Student Housing : A Home Away From Home

By: Lance Coleman   
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Are you going to join a college soon and haven’t yet found a lodging facility? If this is the case, you would be pleased to know that many colleges and universities offer student housing facilities. This enables the students to live in campus or nearby areas. The facility is highly profitable for students as it provides a great study environment as well as learning environment for the students. Surprisingly, according to a study the students who live in college campuses have a higher graduation rate in contrast to pupils residing outside campus. As a matter of fact, alcohol is not permitted within the campus and organizing parties too isn’t allowed in college hostels. These all factors ensure a better study environment for the students.

Moreover, if you haven’t ever stayed in college housing, you would be surely surprised to know that the campus activities organized in hostels will have a great impact in your overall personality. The hostels have housing committees as well as clubs where one can participate in different activities. In addition, it also gives one the opportunity to try out new things and learn them while enjoying with the college mates.

Although whenever one takes admission in the student housing apartments, he or she is always concerned about how his/her room partner will be. It is natural for students as well as their parents to be a bit anxious in this matter. Actually, the room partners have a great influence in each other’s life. Moreover, the roommates who have similar thought pattern, hobbies and passions turn out to be good friends who help each other in studies as well as they end up sharing their personal lives with each other. However if your partner and you have nothing in common and the two of you cannot adjust, life can be truly distressing. In addition, the partners must have good understanding and must give each other their space. Furthermore, if you have good relationship with your partner who is good at studies, you will surely benefit by studying together and clearing your concepts.

Thus, to cater to these basic needs, a few companies have come forward with a brilliant idea of choosing the partner on facebook. As you know facebook is a very large community of people from all over the world. Thus, many students who are going to a particular institute for study try to search their college mates on these sites. These sites use a facebook app to help students in college roomate search. Thus, all you have to do is answer a few questions like what are your hobbies? What is your usual bed time? Do you like to watch TV and many other questions? Thus the site matches your lifestyle with another college student of the same year and who is looking out for a roommate. The site then provides with the answer of the student along with a profile. This enables the student to have an idea about the mindset of their prospective roommate. So what are you thinking about? If you too are looking out for a room partner there is no harm in trying this site.

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