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Sustainable Energy Sources : The Answer to Today’s Crisis

By: Becket Green.   
Date Added : August 1, 2011 Views : 398

The earth is our home and we need to treat it well for all that it provides for us. Over the centuries man has exploited this priceless possession because of his selfish wants. Climatic changes, excessive pollution, diseases and epidemics, diminishing rainfall, extinction of species of different flora and fauna all are signs of the environment treading downhill. In order to prevent further damage it should be our fundamental responsibility to opt for alternative energy sources that would not be detrimental, namely sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy sources seem to be the most beneficial solution in today’s urban era where it’s difficult to do without technologically advanced products. ‘Sustainable’ the word itself suggest something that will never cease to exist. It automatically excludes all the non-renewable resources like natural gas, coal and other kinds of fossil fuels. However, sustainable energy is not only the energy harnessed from renewable sources but also that which doesn’t cause any harm to the environment around us.

The sun, water, and wind are some instances of sustainable energy sources that provide solar, hydroelectric, and wind energy respectively. These sources when put to use in an efficient manner has the ability to improve the quality of life in an eco-friendly way. Many have lauded the advantages of solar energy and there are a range of products available in the market today right from solar panels for generating electricity to solar water heaters and cookers. While these appliances may be a little over priced, you will eventually realize that you had made a good investment by purchasing them.

Today, many business stalwarts are incorporating sustainable energy solutions over regular ones and have become role models and initiators of greener alternatives. This makes them highly commendable in the eyes of their prospective consumers. Bio-fuel is another example of a sustainable energy source. Unlike its fossil fuel counterparts, the usage of bio-fuel is non-combustible, and hence helps to curb air pollution. The ingredients that go into the making of this fuel can be replenished.

There is a growing need to tap into sustainable energy sources as they prove to be the most efficient and productive alternative that avoids polluting the environment with dangerous substances. We all realize the harmful effects of using conventional sources of energy like petrol, diesel, etc. Not only does it contribute to air pollution but also reduces the amount of oxygen accessible for breathing. That’s why by using sustainable sources we are not only safeguarding the environment but also our own lives. The latest sustainable energy source discovered is geothermal power that absorbs the heat from the earth in order to create energy.

With such a wide gamut of substitutes available there is no reason for us to stick to the old conventional options, instead it is our duty to act proactive. Our descendants deserve a livable environment and it is our responsibility to provide them with one by making the right choice today. It’s about time we stop following the principle of self-sufficiency instead adopt methods that lead to sustainable energy development.

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