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Tablet PC whether it is landing a consumer product under the car

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IHSiSuppli the company's research shows that the media has a huge potential for flat-panel, can act as the back seat of the car entertainment solutions.

    Smart phone has been made in the information important role in the entertainment system for the Tablet PC has been widely used in automotive, paving the way. In addition to the inherent connectivity, smart phone with integrated GPS and media player and other functions, combined with the popularity and portability, as the preferred platform for automotive infotainment. Therefore, IHS company that smart phone in the car of the importance of not weakening.

    However, the smart phone in the car, there is a major disadvantage, that is, its size is too small, not suitable for a long time and view the contents of consumer media. In the car, the driver and passengers are usually passive acceptance of data, means that they absorb and consumer entertainment and media, rather than create content.

    Plate and a similar integration of smart phones, but the larger screen size, content and information is more suitable for entertainment consumption. This makes the Tablet PC as the ideal solution for rear-seat entertainment.

    Plate for the consumer

    Tablet PC and the media is a key difference between the media plates are mainly used for communication, browsing, searching and reading information, enjoy the media and participate in social networks. Tablet PC is not used for creating content.

    Unlike other platforms, Tablet PC, another feature is actually a piece of flat screen or touch screen. The key features, combined with no keyboard, proof of the media to focus on content consumption flat, rather than content creation.

    Market position

    Flat fierce competition between manufacturers to promote products continue to improve.

    For example, iPad2 make up some of the first generation deficiencies. In the second generation of products, Apple is committed to reduce product weight and provide a more comfortable screen size. The company also uses dual-core processors to improve product speed, and more appropriate use of graphics capabilities of its target application. Other new features include the addition of two cameras, the first generation product no camera.

    However, the connectivity has not been improved much, because iPad2 still do not support USB host interface. iPad connectivity products in the competition has taken a different approach, trying to use Apple's potential weaknesses. For example, Google recently announced Honeycomb based Android3.1, support USB.

    Not yet reached the optimum price

    iPad tablet PCs, etc. Another shortcoming is the price. Tablet PC for the cost of the car has not yet reached the optimal level of popularity. However, competition will drive down prices. This will make Tablet PCs more attractive in automotive applications.

    Like the iPad tablet PC integrated into car infotainment systems, image and brand will allow car makers to benefit.

    Therefore, many manufacturers have to provide specifically for the automotive field tablet PCs and smart mobile applications. Location Services (LBS), map, points of interest (POI), augmented reality (augmentedreality) and social networking service applications have emerged. Rapid expansion of these applications to find the great opportunity to use from the Wi-Fi to 2G, 3G or LTE technology, Internet access and communications capabilities.


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