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Tattoo Removal - Laser, IPL And Other Options

By: Rob Renfold   
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One may have a variety of reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo. That tattoo which used to look so cool may be the one holding back that professional look for the ideal job. That tattoo that used to be a defining mark for personality expression can now be a hindrance for the image change needed in life. That tattoo which marks gang membership may have scared others from associating with you. That tattoo which symbolizes a past relationship gone sour may not be a body reminder that you would want to carry. That tattoo which expresses strong views or sentiments may not reflect one’s current thoughts anymore. There are simply countless of reason for wanting to erase that tattoo. The bottomline is to erase that mark that does not suit one’s goals, interests or mindset anymore. It is simply for one’s best interest to have the imprint removed.

But where does one start looking for the right specialist and clinic that will cater to this need? The Tattoo Removal Finder is the answer to finding the most suitable tattoo removal center that suits one’s current budget, location and preference. The preferred method could be through laser removal, intense pulse light therapy, dermabrasion or incision.

Laser removal has become quite a popular method of erasing tattoos. The ink is targeted with highly concentrated laser light that would be enough to break the tattoo mark into tiny fragments. These tiny fragments are then cleared up by one’s immune system. This type of treatment however requires more than one session. The more exposure to the pulses of concentrated light, the more tattoo ink would be penetrated and destroyed. The consequence however would include skin damage such as blisters and scabs that lead to scars. The good news is that current technology has experienced advancement that has become instrumental in minimizing scar formation. Aside from being physically painful, laser removal may also be a burden to one’s wallet. The number of sessions would be dependent on tattoo size and could range from $250 to $850 per session.

Another type of tattoo removal method is IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Therapy. Instead of using laser light, high intensity pulse light is used quite similar to the laser removal procedure. In IPL though, a gel would be applied onto the skin and a wand would be used to point and emit intense pulse light to the tattoed skin area. The positive side of this therapy is that it is less painful and more effective then laser technology. Thus, a lesser number of sessions are needed to complete tattoo removal. The downside is its hefty pricing. One pulse alone is priced on the average at $10. Multiply this to quite a number of pulses required and the amount could grow quite significantly.

Other medical methods include dermabrasion which requires friction to sand away the top skin layer and incision which requires cutting the tattoo and sewing back the skin together. Both procedures have however caused much skin damage so that these are just second or third choices when laser and IPL is not available or cannot be an option.

Whatever tattoo removal option decided upon, let Tattoo Removal Finder be your helpful partner in finding that ideal specialist or clinic that will make all your tattoo removal wishes come true.

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