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The Benefits of Having a Business Degree

By: Gareth Patterson   
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Deciding to study Business at University can give graduates unparalleled advantages when going into the world of work. A Business Degree unlike other subjects allows students to study a wide range of topics and areas all of which are pivotal to understanding the way a business works no matter what industry they are in. One of the biggest advantages of this is the wide pool of jobs that then become available to students after leaving University. Many graduate schemes and internships look for students with a solid and well rounded knowledge which makes a business degree the perfect foundation.

Lancaster University Management School offers world class business degrees in a friendly and stimulating environment which encourages students to either specialise in a particular area of interest or cover a wide range of topics so that they have an even wider knowledge base.

An Undergraduate Business Degree at Lancaster University is typically three years but if students wish they can decide to take part in a year in industry where they can put what they have learnt into practice. The opportunity to spend a year in industry can prepare students for the world of work which they may currently have a limited knowledge of.

Students can also decide to spend a year abroad studying as well. Learning in a new environment and culture can completely change a students approach to problems and tasks which can prove invaluable when problem solving in both their final year of University and later on in the work place.

The topics in Lancaster University’s Business Degree range from Accounting and Economics to Information Technology and Management Science to mention just a few from a huge selection. With the wide choice available Lancaster students can be sure that they are building up a sound knowledge taught by lecturers and professors who are leading specialists in their respective fields. Which gives every single Lancaster graduate an advantage over their fellow graduates.

Another degree programme taught at Lancaster is the four year Management Degree. Similar to a Business Degree where a student can opt to have a year in industry the Undergraduate Management Degree includes a mandatory paid year in industry. The Management Degree scheme similar to the Business Degree produces students who are numerate, posses good communication skills and are able to converse when discussing a wide number of business related topics and areas.

The degree not only only teaches students the theory of business but allows them to put it into practice and develop their own opinions. Lectures themselves are built to challenge students with problem solving and team activity challenges interspersed with guest speakers who visit to pass on their knowledge to students. All of the undergraduate schemes at Lancaster are built to produce students who will become invaluable members of any work force.

After finishing an Undergraduate degree in any discipline there is always the possibility that the graduate may want to specialise further in the subject of their choice. This could be because they find the subject fascinating and want to learn more about it in-depth or because they feel it could help boost their career. If for example a student finished a Business Degree or had gone on to work in the financial industry then an MSc in Finance programme would be the perfect way to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the sector and how to work well within it.

The MSc Finance programme focuses on specialist study in areas such as financial instruments, investments, financial markets and risk management. The course is the perfect springboard to help any graduate build towards a successful career in the financial sector and can prepare them for a senior position in any UK or International bank or financial institution. The knowledge graduates acquire while studying at Lancaster University supervised by word leading faculty will no doubt prove invaluable to every single one throughout their entire careers.

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