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The Red or Black Wheel of Fortune and Fame

By: Murley Tania.   
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Cowell has been continually associated with some of the best rated game shows in the world today. The once music mogul is currently curving a niche for himself in the game show industry with titles like Britain’s Got Talent and the X factor that is currently airing in major television networks. Currently, Cowell and his team are in the final stages of a brand new game show named Red or Black. Unlike the previous game shows that have been accredited to Cowell, this particular game show will have nothing to do with an individual’s talent or skill. All that stands between a contestant and a humongous cash prize of £ 1, 000,000 is pure luck.

Like the name suggests, Red or Black will involve a spin of the famous roulette wheel. The game show will feature a giant roulette wheel which will be spun to determine whether the lucky contestant will win the cash prize. Before it comes to this, there will be outrageous challenges which will determine whether a contestant will advance in the game show or not. Contestants will be required to guess the outcome of an event based on either a red or black option, for example whether a person jumping out of a plane will grab a red or black parachute. Contestants for the Red or Black game show will be whittled down from 7,000 participants to just one who will have his/her fate decided in front of a giant roulette wheel.

The Red or Black show promises to deliver the most outrageous and nail biting stunts ever witnessed on game show television. Contestants will be the ones feeling the full blunt of the pressure that will sure follow as the show unfolds. Making a simple 50/50 decision has never been this hard. The contestants for the Red or Black show have already been chosen. The show will be recorded at the Wembley Arena but Cowell is expected to take the show to other places in the UK. The first episode of the red or Black show can be expected to air at around the first week of September on ITV1 which has partnered with Cowell to produce the show.

Noting that contestants for the Red or Black show have already been chosen, there is only one other way to be in the show; and that is by attending a recording of the show. Since the Red or Black show will be hosted in arena style studios, large crowds can be fitted in. Tickets to attend the live recording are expected to sell at £ 1 per person and the audience for the live recording will be chosen randomly. An application form should be availed on the show’s official website soon enough. The hosts of the Red or Black show are Ant and Dec of the Britain’s Got Talent fame who might be joined by mystery stars in various sections of the game show. With so much talent and potential presented by the Red and Black game show, it is safe to assume that audiences will once again be glued to their screens.

Tania Murley is a big fan of Red or Black and Jackpotjoy games.

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