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The war Between fake and original designer bags

By: Dey Lee   
Date Added : June 20, 2011 Views : 352

Women like to carry leather bags
to any occassion,for exmaple,party,work,life.Handbags play importance
role in life.Actually,leather bags help women to emanate their charm.So
women spent many money to buy bags.Women like to buy famous brand
bags,gucci,hemens,doir and more.But these famous brand's bags is
expensive.so many people to produce the fake bags to earn High
profits.Fake bags price lower than the original brand bags,So many
peopl like to buy fake bags for save money.Does fake bags as good
quality as brand bags? No!
You must to be know it is
demeaning with fake bags.Would rather buy the unfoums original package, do not buy fake brand bag.
If you want to buy original designer
women leather bags,the
war star between fake and origianl designer bags.Becouse many of fake
bags in the market,but it is difficut to spot fake bags.
You can
easily compare the original from the fake by just logging on to the
website of the designer label and download the picture of the handbag
that you want to examine. All of the websites carry close-up shots of
the handbags that they carry so that it would be easier for consumers to
spot differences in design, cut and even the color of the thread being
used. Some websites will also carry tips that will further help you spot
the telling difference.
Remember that paying big bucks for handbag
is not only paying for the brand name but also to the materials it used
and the quality of its craftsmanship. Most handbags are hand-made, the
beaded ones all the more so. Materials used to produce the designer
handbags are top of the line and first class. As designer labels have
strict quality control, you can be sure that you are getting the best
for your money. This is one way to spot a fake. IF there is a problem
with stitching or with any part of the designer handbag, then it might
not be the real thing. Only those designer handbags that are perfectly
done right down to the minutest details are the ones that you are sure
of to be originals.
You also could buy small brand original
designer leather bags.especially to buy pure handmade leather bags.unique style for you with excellence workmanship.All is made for hand stitched.As long as you spend very little money can buy unique package of
high-grade.I share you notlie,May be you could get profit on the site.I
hope you could win the war bewteen fake and original bags.

the original leather bags article was write by Dey Lee.

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