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Types of Business Conference Calls

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For the businesses and companies using the conference call services, there are plethoras of options available today. Irrespective of the type of options, certain things are there about most conference call services that are quite common. There are 5 primary conference call types that are not being used for businesses.

The commonest type of business conference call is the reservation less conference call. Reservation less conference call services do not require any set up before they are used. You just have to enter the phone number along with the access code to make your call. For receiving calls, on the other hand, you would have to provide the access code of the ones who would be making a conference call. Therefore, the procedure would involve you entering the number and its access code and also have some other candidates call and then enter your access code.

The nest is the operator assisted conference call service that involves a mediator (an operator) who records and monitors your call. This type of conference call is usually more expensive and it often requires the user to schedule the call time way in advance. Based on the service provider and their rules, the total length of time available for the operator assisted conference calls will vary.

Operator dialed conference call is the nest and the easiest of all conference calls. The operator dialed conference call allows people to dedicate more of their time as well as energy to their topics of discussion instead of trying to configure the calls. The operator would take care of the calls and would add each and every participant to the calls at the correct or scheduled time. When people are new to the conference calling system, operator dialed conference call is the best and the most convenient ideas.

The Internet conference calling is the latest and the most fascinating of all types today. Often known as web conferencing, this is possibly one of the latest technological advancements we have seen so far. Such type of conference calls usually requires a proper setup that tends to vary according to the services. It may as well require some special software installation in each of the participant’s computer for better quality of conference calling. In addition, it is also important to be familiar with the software use and its essential features to make sure that the conference goes on well. Often times, you might need a technician for support for solving any type of problems that might crop up unexpectedly.

One-way calling is yet another type of conference call that businesses have been using very often these days. It is often considered to be one of the simplest of all types of conference calls and economical as well if you are doing just a few conference calls in a month. Three-way calling usually involves three parties or more in a single call, which is set up through a phone company and applies nominal charges on a monthly basis for small usage.

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