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Understanding the Virtual Classroom Phenomenon

By: Fedor Milikh   
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The need for knowledge and information has always been part of life for every individual. As a result, many forms of imparting skills have been formulated over history all with the aim of making society more informed and thus ameliorating the quality of life. With developments in educational theories and applications, many of the original ideas have been fine tuned to make the process even more efficient. In the contemporary educational and training realms, distance learning is regarded as one of the indicators of a developed training platform. This has even been perfected further through the virtual classroom; a concept that has literally changed the face of training.

To understand why the essence of a virtual classroom, it is important to note that education is a lifelong process and as such, skills are not only needed in schools but in all aspects of life. This overwhelming need for training necessitates a platform that would be easy and cost effective and this is exactly what virtual classroom has done. For starters, a virtual classroom entails a class situation where the learning is done over the internet and the trainees don’t need to meet physically. All the features of a normal class are retained including asking questions, answering, and other interactions. These are made possible through buttons provided in the application’s interface. The demonstration is also just like in the normal classroom through a whiteboard which has interactive features for the trainer to work with. Other features such as chats allow for interaction in the virtual classroom.

Why opt for a virtual classroom you may ask? The versatility of the application is one of the main pros that make this concept a winner. In today’s world, everyone needs information and sometimes, there might be a dearth of tools through which one can disseminate this information. For example, a manager would like the employees to learn the newest developments in their line of work but this might involve a lot of costs and traveling. The virtual classroom eliminates all this and they can learn from their desks and even take tests. Likewise, a company might want to advise customers on how to use different products from its catalogue. A virtual classroom will definitely work well as it will save time, money and make the process more convenient. Another area where these classes can be used is in the educational sector. One doesn’t have to travel and join a college thousands of miles away. The virtual classroom is sufficient as a training tool until graduation.

The idea of applications such as gotowebinar makes the E-learning concept viable because of its ease in usage. Unlike the older options where myriad software downloads were required, the modern E-learning suite just needs a good connection. The improvement in the VOIP technology have this possible and thus, any one corporate chief or anyone else who feels the constraints of distance and logistics are denting the profits should try the gotowebinar program that creates an effective E-learning platform and web conferencing as this is slowly becoming the most cost-effective means of operation for today’s business. When you decide to go to webinar, you are not only introducing modern technology to your company but also exposing your employees to the same thus setting the grounds for more learning.

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