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User Intent Key to improve keyword research in SEO

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If you are an SEO professional, getting your website on the top might be something you are craving for. Isn't it? You might keep on making strategies to increase conversions or CTRs and exploring various SEO techniques just to be on the top. It's quite natural and it should be like that.

Keyword research, a key for On-page SEO, plays an important role in this regard. And you already know this, right? But have you ever tried "user intent" approach in keyword research analysis? If no, you are missing something which is indispensable.

User Intent is the art of detecting and fulfilling the need of user. It has enormous value as it gives direction to your content strategy but unfortunately many SEO professionals don't bother about it. If we go to the basics, then you will find what exactly Google Search wants from you. A user, that visits Google, has always some queries. He might be there for an answer, information, reviews for a particular product etc. If your content has relevant information regarding what he actually wants, then your content will connect to the user immediately. Else giving a reference link to his query is less likely to connect.

What exactly User Intent is all about?

As you start focusing on User Intent, you will find live examples of searches that user generally types in Google Search. This can give you a clear idea about the keywords to be used in your content. For example "Android Apps" and "Android apps download" are the two commonly used keywords. Both can direct your content to users having interest in android apps. But if you use "Android Apps" keyword, you will increase your competent content containing the same keyword. This is because you are not clear about what exactly user want in android apps. Whether he wants to download it or he has some specific query related to the android app.

On the other hand, choosing "Android apps download" as keyword, you are generating a user specific keyword. Here, you instantly know what the user intention is. That's how it works.

Using Keyword Analytics tool

This is one more way to know about the specific user demands. You can use keyword analytics tool to search for the users who are actually visiting your site. Doing this, you will get information about the keywords that are being used by different users, which brings them to your page. You will see what type of audience is actually looking for your content. This will help in your content strategy as you can make content according to their needs. This is something like, the user itself giving you details about what he really want and need. Isn't it great? This helps a lot in choosing the keywords to be used as well as in developing the content strategy.

Long-tail keyword has strong user intent

Because of the increasing popularity of keyword usage in the digital marketing world, most of the SEO professionals limit their keyword usability to those shiny "search volume" count. But once you shift focus to the user intent, you will start thinking more like a user than a SEO professional. This lets you know about the high volume long-tail keywords that have strong user intent.

For instance, there is a user who is looking for "cure for acne". Here you know what your keyword should be as, and you will start the SEO immediately. But what you do not notice is, there are some users who lie beyond this high volume keyword. Those users might be looking for "cure for acne at home". Don't you think this keyword is more specific? You can use this keyword as a title in your article and would probably receive a good traffic with high conversion. But this yield traffic only if you write a quality content which is valuable as well as actionable at the same time.

Better content strategy

Once you follow the user intent approach, your content will automatically look more appealing to the target audience. So, while crafting your content strategy, do consider the points given below:

Investigate about what your target audience is looking for?

Search for the long-tail keywords.

Collect information from searched keywords

Craft your content

It's not that hard to craft content that focus on user intentions. What it needs is, a little more hard work as compared to other strategies. I think you can afford this. Right?

Especially, if you are going to receive such good leads in return.

User intent is nothing but a gateway deep to the mind of user. It will let you know about his needs and requirements. Once you know what user actually wants from you, you can present your content in the way fulfilling those needs

Doing this, desired clickthroughs, traffic, leads, and conversion rates will be in your favor. This can be a boom to the SEO service providing industry all over the world.

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