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Washing Tips For Aprons

By: Maria Hicks   
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Working while wearing an apron is always a great way to save yourself from spending a lot of time trying to remove the stain from your good shirt or pants. Of course, the apron would take most of the "damage" but it is always easier to wash it than your favorite article of clothing. Still, you might need more than a cursory cleaning of aprons especially if they have been on the receiving end of some serious stains.

If you want to make sure that the stain would be removed easily, make your move as soon as possible. Once the stain has dried or has soaked into the apron, it would be tougher to clean. Also, it would be a good idea to scrape off any excess foreign material from the fabric by using a towel or cloth to soak up the liquid stain. Do not rub remove the stain as doing so can only spread the stain which is never a good thing.

Different fabrics are used to make aprons. It is therefore important to check the washing instructions for your apron before you put in the laundry. This would make sure that you would not be doing anything that could fix the stain permanently or damage the fabric. If you are going to use a strong detergent or bleach to remove the stain, it is best to test it out on small concealed area first.

While commercial laundry products can easily remove some stains, there are also alternatives that you can try. Baking soda and vinegar for example are usually used for washing away stains on clothes. People who use these instead of commercial laundry products do so because baking soda and vinegar are cheaper and are also more nature-friendly.

Baking soda for one is a great thing to use for dissolving dirt and grease from aprons. Its alkali quality ensures stripping of grime from the fabric and it also acts as a fabric softener. Being natural, it is easy on the fabric unlike commercial laundry products which tend to make the fabric weaker. Also, the great thing about using baking soda for washing your aprons is that you do not run the risk of stripping away the color of your apron.

Washing an apron is something that is not really on the top of most people's list. But if you want your apron to be as clean as possible since you would be using it when working around your family's food, you have to make sure that you are washing it in the right way to keep those stains and residue buildup out.

Maria Hicks is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management course and during the graduation she awarded most industrious student and got an icon of chef apron as an award that is why she love to write about tips on bistro apron.

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