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Web directory: difference with the search engines

By: Bruce McLean.   
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The Websites that are going to be listed on the web directory should have the approval of the editor. It is not possible for these websites to get updated automatically like it is in the case of SE. The editor scrutinizes the content of the websites that are submitted for his approval and then he decides conforming to the conditions and terms of the directory for which they work. There fore the data and the traffic that makes it way through the directory is very quality traffic. In contrast to this the data and the traffic that comes through the SE is unsorted or bulk as it doesn’t go through the amount and the severity of scrutiny that the traffic goes through in case of directories.

The Search Engines usually rank the web sites as per the number of web directory in which they are enlisted and the way in which they are prioritized in these directories. Each of the links link is taken as a vote, and thus more links a particular website has got the higher will the ranking be of that websites on a Search Engine. For the websites that are relatively new or for the small scale businesses that are looking for increased traffic the web sites of their it is much better for them to get their web sites enlisted on the internet directories rather than n the Search Engine, as the search engines are the uncategorized and vast where as these directories are much systematically organized under their specific categories and thus the viewers looking for a particular site on a web directory usually turns out to be potential customers whereas people looking on the Search Engine could just be browsers.

Web directory is also referred to as the website directory is a sort of directory available on the net or the WWW i.e. World Wide Web. The web directory classifies the lists of all web sites giving you a synopsis of precisely what the sites are all about and what can you expect from them. An web directory that is human edited is maintained and created by the editors who add the links and the categories to the web directory. An web directory in contrast to a search engine does not enlist web sites in accordance to any key word but it does as per to the categories in which the web sites belong. A specific link of all these websites that are listed under different category is given so that the visitor can easily connect to that particular site if he wants to after reading about it. These sub categories and categories might be different depending on the types of directory. A record of the categories from the directories can be like any entertainment sites, or the poker sites, bingo sites, the casino sites and many more. There might also be directories that differ in the type of categories, for instance, say if a category is the educational site then the web site could be enlisted under sub-classifications like medical colleges, MBA colleges, etc

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