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What You Need To Know About Pigmentation

By: Dr. Grado Dr. Grado.   
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Pigmentation is a disorder that quite a number of people worldwide suffer from. The varying extents of the problem differ from one person to the next. Although pigmentation affects people of all races, it is found to be more common in women who have ethnic skin tones. Here are several ways that one can battle pigmentation if their skin is affected by it. However, let’s first look at what causes pigmentation in the first place.

The main cause of pigmentation is over exposure to the sun which leads to varying degrees of sun damage. The most common form of pigmentation on one’s skin is the appearance of liver spots. These are also known as age spots. These occur when the person’s skin has been over exposed to the sun’s rays. The over exposure leads to the skin producing excess melanin. When there is excessive production of melanin, dark spots start forming on the skin. Another cause of pigmentation is one’s genes. Pigmentation resultant from genetics usually takes the form of freckles. Freckles can also be developed if one has spent too much time in the sun over long periods of time. There are several other causes of pigmentation. These include acne scars, scars resultant from burn injuries and even some types of medication may make one develop pigmentation.

Although the causes of pigmentation may seem numerous, this should not alarm you. There are also a number of ways that one can get rid of pigmentation. The first of these would be to limit the amount of time your skin is exposed to the sun. If this is not possible, one should ensure that they always use sunscreen when venturing out into the hot sun. You should not just go and purchase any type of sunscreen off the shelf. You should always ensure that the sunscreen that you buy is strong enough to provide the protection that you need. People with paler skin tend to need sunscreen with higher SPF levels. Application of sunscreen at least ten minutes prior to going out in the sun will greatly reduce your chances of developing pigmentation.

Another method of getting rid of pigmentation would be to undergo some facial skin care processes designed to get rid of your old skin. Such procedures include microdermabrasion as well as chemical peels. In addition to getting rid of the old skin cells, these procedures also contribute to pore minimizing which is a great way of ensuring your skin stays healthy. In addition to these procedures, one could get topical creams to apply that will help the pigmentation fade. There are various types of creams in the market. Hydroquinone creams are good if you would like to lighten dark spots that are on your face. You can also look for vitamin C based serums that are suitable for evening one’s skin tone.

To ensure that you never have to suffer from pigmentation, you always have to ensure that you are taking the best care of your skin. Use products that will help with pore minimizing and that will also nourish your skin.

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