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What is Liposuction; Understanding This Warrior in the Battle of the Bulge

By: Sherry. James.   
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Since time immemorial, the human body has always amazed people. The obsession with one’s physique did not just start in the 21st century but it has been there for ages. As such, the term liposuction should not be creating as much hullabaloo as it is but as they say; if they talk about it, then there is something to it. Having said that it is only fair to elucidate more on the question, what is liposuction? Throughout the internet and other forms of media, you won’t fail to get a reader desperately asking; what is liposuction? However, you need not worry if this procedure is still alien to you. Blame all the confusion on misinformation. So, what is liposuction?

To answer this question comprehensively, we have to appreciate that a good body shape and physique is the dream of every walking human. Our contemporary lifestyles where we stay day in day out on the office table taking junk food has lead to unhealthy body fat. To eradicate this, many of us have tried all the means on this earth including working out, dieting among others just to ensure our bodies are toned. This adds to our self esteem as we are able to face others and be proactive while also improving our general life. Nevertheless, there are some areas of our bodies that let us down however much we try to burn off the fatty tissue.

Liposuction comes in to save the day. This procedure involves extracting the fatty tissue using a device known as a canulla through incisions made on the affected area. The liposuction can be done as an outpatient procedure or at a hospital’s surgery ward depending on your liking. What is liposuction procedure? Though it might sound superfluous and complicated, this is a very simple procedure. It all starts with consulting your surgeon and indicating which areas are bothering you. Through examination and their expertise, the surgeon will advise you on the applicability of liposuction. If approved, then you book a date and the actual surgical procedure is done.

The question at this point would thus be; what is liposuction’s actual procedure on the surgery table? The first thing, the surgeon gives you local anesthesia in most cases. After the area is fully numb, the incisions are made directly to the fatty tissue and the canulla is introduced. The process varies from here depending on the type of liposuction that the doctor wants to use. If you want to ask what is liposuction most common method, then the answer is the tumescent type. This involves injecting a solution to dissolve the fat and reduce blood loss through contracting your vessels. Others include the ultrasound-based method, and non-surgical liposuction. The procedure at this point just involves extracting and cleaning the area.

For any patient, the next obvious question will be; what is liposuction’s period of recovery? Like all other surgical procedures, there are variations based on the size of the area and amount of fat extracted. There are minor discomforts such as bruising, swelling and soreness. Generally, the recovery is quick and one can even return to work in a few days. And so, what is liposuction’s cost? This cannot be answered outright but it is good to note the procedure is not covered though most surgeon’s have payment plans. Now that you know what is liposuction you shouldn’t fear seeking help or even advising your friends on the same.

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