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Why CNC Machine Tools?

By: John Ket   
Date Added : July 1, 2011 Views : 318

This is an attempt to introduce the modern manufacturing technology to the people. Though CNC sounds foreign to many of us the equipment belonging to the CNC category is a daily usable thing for those belonging to manufacturing and fabrication industries in metal or core manufacturing sectors. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which has been used since the 1970's at the onset of computers and with the advances in computing facilities. The CNC machine tool is programmed to reduce manual intervention in a certain fabrication process, thus reducing production time and wastage, thereby resulting to increased production efficiency. To elucidate this, let’s take an example of metal preparation using conventional tools would require the operator to manually bore hole on the metal using a drill press. But before one can do it by proper programming of the CNC machine tools by specifying the proper dimensions of the desired end-product the architecture and uses of CNC machine simplifies all these work for the operator. With the CNC equivalent of the drill press, one only has to position the metal in its place, activate the spindle, set the controls and the machine does the rest. The 5 axis of movement and 5 degrees of freedom have let the CNC machines with proper flexibility and precise accuracy. It is very well like the automated ways of doing things.

Everything that an operator is required to do with the conventional machine tools is programmable with CNC machines. We can explain another advantage of a CNC machine is being able to produce consistent and accurate work pieces. Once the programming controls had been set, the CNC machine can produce thousand of identical pieces in a short span of time. This is almost impossible if done manually. So the manufacturing ideology of Just in Time JIT can be applied in this CNC machine based manufacturing facilities. CNC machines are also flexible since processes are programmed. You can run a specific program for one piece, save it and recall it again the next time that piece is to be reproduced. All the CNC machines have motion control, whether linear or rotary they can move in horizontal direction or vertical direction thus manoeuvres the horizontal and vertical machine centers to get additional flexibility and precise modelling strength. The path or direction that the machine follows is called axis. The more axes the machine has, the more complex it is. And the modern CNC machines usually have 5 axis of movement for its proper operational output.

Whatever may be the operational difficulties the user friendliness in terms of interaction through the computer and by programming languages eliminates the age old strenuous process of hand moulding and shaping of conventional tools in manufacturing process. The CNC machine tools family also left options for implementation of modern Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing in their operational area thus make it more conducive to technology up gradation and more futuristic in its approach.

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