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Why Choose to Invest in Gold

By: Refined Investments   
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Gold has been the pursuit of men throughout the ages. Those who invest in gold always rest assured they have stored value that they can cash anytime. Gold is a commodity that has always awed men with its beauty and longevity. Gold prices had been pegged to world currencies for decades until this was changed in 1970s. However buying gold still remains one of the best investment choices one can make. After the 2008/2009 global economic downturn, gold prices have been on an upward trend which has seen those who invested in gold enjoying very good returns.
Why should you invest in gold?
· First gold is a tangible commodity that is of long longevity considering that as a metal it does not rust.
· Gold has very many uses; dental, jewelry, electrical, and general aesthetics.
· Gold is widely accepted as a medium of exchange all over the world unlike paper currency.
· Gold is easily converted to cash.
Getting your hands on gold however is a different matter altogether. Gold in its pure state which is referred to as 24 karat gold is very rare. It is also rarely used in this state due to the extreme malleability which is not practical. When buying gold, the most readily available will be gold items with varying parts in gold. For example, jewelry mostly uses ¾ part gold or 18 karat gold, alongside other metal like silver.
Gold prices reflect the state of world economy at different times. Presently, the prices have been on an upward trend reflecting the instability that has been witnessed in the last 3 years. From $33 in January 2010, prices have risen to $42 just a year later and still climbing. This gives more and more reason to invest in gold as this trend seems to stay on course for the foreseeable future. The gold business just like other commodity market has taken advantage of the global technology to reach to wider participation. One can now buy gold online in its different forms from the numerous dealers that are on the World Wide Web.
Given that gold is a store of value, it is not necessary that one begins with a large stock of gold which would mean a large money outlay. Accumulation over a long period can also give one a quantity enough to kick off a good business. Taking advantage of rising gold prices, one can make small fortune in buying small quantities of maybe 100 grams and holding on to it to take advantage of higher prices. For serious investors, on can buy solid gold from the dealers, have it shipped or stored, or as is frequently being done, buy gold online. Taking advantage of the internet to deal in gold gives the investor flexibility in executing transactions and also leaves him with less worry on storage and shipping. Gold investment has and will always be a lucrative undertaking. For the brave and confident, it has and will always hold great promise.

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