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Why Many San Diego Condos Are Becoming More Affordable

By: Jeanie Ivers.   
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You may have noticed that the real estate in San Diego has become more affordable recently, especially when it comes to condos. The reason that San Diego condos are becoming more affordable is due to the housing crisis that is taking over the nation. The values of homes are dropping, foreclosure rates are higher than ever and the economy is in a bad place. But that could mean good things for your ability to get a great condo.

Almost all over the country, the same thing is going on. North Carolina condos are selling cheaper for the same reasons as the ones in California are. Real estate can be very fickle, but it all comes down to what people can get for their money.

Three, four and five bedroom houses in San Diego are cheaper than they ever have been. This means that more people are buying them at lower rates and either giving up their condos to live in them or getting them for investment purposes. As a result, however, condos are not being purchased as much.

In order to sell the San Diego condos, prices are dropped. This is a great thing for everyone who prefers a condo over a house. No lawn maintenance, great views and many other perks make condo life very accommodating. You can find a significant reduction in the price so now you just have to worry about the association fees.

If you shop it right, you may even find that condominiums are dropping association fees, waiving the first few months and offering other incentives to help people move into the condos. The more people leave condos to go to homes, the more affordable they become.

The association fees often scare people when it comes to condos. They see it as an added expense that they would not have if they went somewhere else. This also helps to make the condos more affordable because real estate companies are trying to make up the difference by lowering the price. When you consider the mortgage and the fees, it becomes a wash and thus more bearable.

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