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Why Passive Disinfection Methods Work Well In Hospitals

By: Darius Carie   
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In their never ending war against infection, hospitals have found a new weapon which is passive disinfection. The word passive has several meanings. In this instance it means not involving active participation. Therefore, a passive disinfection method is a method that does not require continuous action but instead works on its own after initially being activated. It is easy to see why this would be of great value to a hospital. Any action that would insure the disinfection of an area for a prolonged period, through multiple steps or repeated routine procedures would not only save time but reduce infections by reducing the incidence of human error.

One area where a passive disinfection approach can be helpful is in the use of IV access ports. Ideally, before an injection into a port, the area the needle penetrates would be disinfected, but health care workers who are in a hurry may occasionally skip this step or do so in an ineffective manner. With a passive system aimed at valve disinfection, a valve attachment containing a disinfecting agent can eliminate the need for the health care worker to disinfect the port each time an injection is needed.

The key to lowering the infection rate in a hospital is to set a standardized protocol aimed at lowering infection rates and then institute a method of checking that the protocol is being followed. Singular changes to the protocol can be made to determine weak links in the infection control system but one of the challenges is to account for all of the variables. This passive method of infection control standardizes the disinfection of valves thus eliminating one variable. A method of insuring compliance or of easily recognizing lack of compliance is the brightly colored attachment used. The staff is visually alerted to the presence of the disinfecting attachment even at a distance.

Hospitals recognize passive disinfections methods as a means of removing infection risk by doing away with variables of compliance and technique as they relate to disinfection while providing an easily visible method of insuring this area of protocol is being followed.

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