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Why Wedding Videos Should Be Part of Your Budget

By: Terence Hooi   
Date Added : July 26, 2011 Views : 272

There are moments in our lives that we always want to remember. A wedding is a very important time in a person’s life and having the memories with you is not enough. Wedding videos bring the couple a tangible part of their wedding day, keeping the memories fresh in their minds. With the media know-how in the world today, wedding videos are a must in most weddings and this serves a lot of reasons. Photography is what people have been using to capture their most important movements, but the limitation of this is that they do not capture time. On the other hand, a video is a perfect way of capturing time. For instance, if a family member or friend is unable to make the wedding, they might send a video toasting to the newly weds. There is nothing that will beat a video showing grandparents or parents toasting. The couple will have their heart felt words with them even if they are far away or they pass on.

Viewing wedding videos can be made out to be an event by itself. The couple might invite family and friends for the video viewing. This can be a well managed party to have family and friends together and at the same time the couple might take that opportunity to thank them. DVDs are very manageable and the couple can package them and mail them to people who were not able to make it to the wedding. The wedding videos act as an archive of that memorable day and the couple can keep it and share it with the children once they come into the picture.

With the social networks, a couple can also share their wedding videos on different media. They can post it on MySpace, add it on their blog, Facebook, they can even load it on their iPhones, among other platforms.

Wedding videos can act as safety nets in case something happens to the photography. A photographer might miss a very important moment and having a video will fill in the gap. The settings of a camera can spoil the photos that are being taken and having a video will cushion the couple from the loss. You can never take any chances; even the most professional of photographers can misunderstand your wishes or make some mistakes.

The worst mistake couples make is getting a friend or family member take their wedding videos. It is true that almost everyone owns a camera these days, but what they need to realize is that their wedding day is not just any other day. The same way that you don’t leave your wedding cake to be done by just anyone so it should be for your wedding videos. When a couple decides to hire a professional wedding videographer, they can rest and enjoy their day. The couple is assured that they will get a professionally edited video in a few months that they will be able to share with the closest people in their lives for a long time.

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