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Why You Should Use Social Media for Marketing Your Business

By: Steve H.W.   
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Many people are realizing the effect that social media can have on the growth of their business. There are so many avenues that business owners can use to market their company. They can use videos, social networks, article writing and blogs to make sure that they reach a wider network of people around the world. P4C global is a company that has gotten this aspect of advertising right. The company is using different social networks to promote their product and services. The social networks are a very important tool in search engine optimization in providing backlinks to a website.


Almost everyone has a facebook page and it has the power in creating and maintaining connections. Facebook allows you to create a page for free; if you are using it on a personal level then you should consider it for business as well. Creating a facebook page linked to your site, depending on the content posted, you can improve your search engine rankings and visibility. P4C Global facebook page has a massive fan base. The company is able to send updates to all its fans cutting down immensely on advertising revenue. They are able to effortlessly and instantly send an update to thousands of potential clients. P4C global fans also act as a tiny advertiser, since they all have a link back to the company’s page.


LinkedIn was basically created to allow people to connect with friends, co-workers, customers and business partners. This social media is centered on business and it is the center for online networking more or less like handing out business cards. The site is more professional compared to other social networks offering valuable business information about the business. P4C Global LinkedIn page allows users to ask as much as possible about the business, giving them a better insight on the company.


P4C twitter page allows the company to easily and quickly update their followers on the internal happenings of the company. The best thing about twitter is that updates can be posted through mobile phones allowing updates as they unfold.


It’s pretty expensive to buy bandwidth for hosting a video, and at the same time it’s slow. Youtube allows you to create a video channel and upload your video for free. The P4C global youtube is another way of advertising the company.

5.Blog posts.

P4C Global blog helps them advertise their services and create a link to the website.

People get it wrong thinking that social networks are for college students and teenagers. What they fail to understand is that in the near future, this group will be a working generation, with money to spend. P4C Global fully understands this and by putting their face out there, they ensure that people think of them when looking for a certain product. While looking for wholesale sale, procurement, recycling and (re)-distribution of OEM cell phone batteries, used cell phones and accessories, people think of P4C Global. Social networks connect you with customers at the click of a button.

Steve Hopwood is the author of this article on P4C Global Linkedin. Find more information on P4C Global YouTube here.

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