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By: Roxie Chapel   
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Womens boots come in different lengths, styles and colors. Like womens shoes they can be found in any corner of stores around. For the length we have a variety to choose from; ankle, knee high, mid calf and thigh high. For styles you can go for the heel; high heels, low, flats, wedges or platform. Various boots come with different ways of fastening them. They might be; buckled, laced, braided, zipped or simply slipped on. Womens boots are a fashion statement and should be chosen as a way of expressing personal style and taste. Boots are not only sexy and trendy but they are functional. They are very suitable for cold weather.

While buying womens boots comfort should be the first thing that you should consider. The knee high and ankle high boots come with manageable heels while the thigh high boots usually have very high heels, high wedges and platforms. So while buying womens boots, go for a reasonable heel that will be comfortable to walk in and stand on for a long time. Make sure also the boot has a perfect fit to avoid hurting and blistering your feet. Make sure that before buying a boot you take time to try them on and walk around to test for comfort.

The material of the boot is also very important. The best materials for womens boots are suede and leather. Leather is long lasting and comfortable. Suede is comfortable and elegant looking. When it comes to thigh high, womens boots materials that stretch are the best for ease of walking. Don’t buy a boot in the hope that it will stretch and fit in future. They will probably end up on the shelf.

While buying womens boots choose good quality boots. Don’t just go for any boot just because it is on sale. You get what you pay for so if you pay cheap then you get cheap. Good quality and comfortable boots are usually a little expensive. You would rather take time and save for quality and comfortable boots that you will wear for sometime.

There are different reasons for choosing a boot. Womens boots can be worn to fight the cold during winter. If this is your reason make sure that you get well insulated boots that will keep you warm during chilly days. You can also put on boots for that trendy and sexy style. The best thing is that some types of boots go well with practically anything.

Womens boots can be worn as casual or formal wear. They are perfect for the office setting with a short skirt that goes below the knee or above worn with stockings. The best boot for this is the knee high boot. Flats are the best casual wears that are worn with leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans to compliment your look.

The online market is wide and endowed with a variety to choose from. Visit discount womens dress shoes to find a variety of womens boots.

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