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Wordpress OSCommerce Plugin Makes eCommerce On Your Blog Possible

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With the latest development in Wordpress plugins, you can now do more than use your Wordpress blog for article marking or for linking to another ecommerce website. Wordpress OSCommerce plugin makes this possible as it integrates the OSCommerce software into Wordpress to expand its functionality to include online shopping and payment processing. Now Wordpress ecommerce is more convenient even for those who are not technologically savvy to set up. Through a configuration wizard, you can easily set up OSCommerce on your Wordpress blog and get your online store up and running in no time. The various features that you wish you to have in your online store can easily be chosen and activated by simply clicking an on-off check box. Explanations of these features are also included in the listings to make it easy to decide whether or not you need it in your Wordpress ecommerce site. This plugin is totally the perfect complement to any of the many Wordpress ecommerce themes available.

When you install your OSCommerce plugin, all features are enabled by default to get your Wordpress ecommerce site up and running without much fuss. You can, however, make your adjustments by merely clicking the check box in the set up page. You also have the convenience of getting templates that you can easily adapt to your own business. Here are some of the other powerful features you can expect from the OSCommerce integration into your Wordpress ecommerce site:

1.Administration Functionality - The system supports unlimited products and categories that you can manipulate as needed. This area is secured with a username and password so that only you or any designated persons are able to make changes in your product listing and categories. Among the other admin functions are: a database backup and restore facility, a direct customer contact facility through email or newsletters, an invoice printing and inventory listing facility, and product-customer statistics.

2.Product Functionality - This allows you to include product descriptions in your ecommerce website. Specials can also be automatically displayed to highlight offers that you might have on your website from time to time. The display of out-of-stock products could also be controlled through this functionality.

3. Customer Functionality - This is the most comprehensive of all functionalities in this software as it is likely to also be where the most activity will be. Through this plugin, customers can conveniently view their order history and the status of their orders as well. Account creation for customers are also made possible including the collection of pertinent data as shipping and billing addresses. This also allows for a more interactive shopping experience with functionalities for a quick search and an advanced search feature, product reviews, and other customers’ product choices.

4. Payment and Tax Functionalities - These are separate functionalities within the system that obviously have to do with how payments are processed. The payment functionality allows for the acceptance of various online and offline modes of payment. You have the option to allow or disallow certain modes of payment depending on location. You can also set varying tax rates depending on shipping destination and products shipped.

Author: Jerry Krystek http://www.wponlinestore.com/ We need about 50 WordPress / OScommerce users / developers /enthusiasts to help beta test a plug-in we are developing that may solve a long and ongoing battle between WordPress and OScommerce.

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