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YBGLOB IT Solutions India explain the basic of flash in simple language and show

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Our website focuses on getting
you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Infact we have
designed our website with just that in mind. We explain the basic of flash in
simple language and show you how to put the application to work for your
productions. Not only do we explain hoe to make interesting animation to pique
the attention of your viewing audience, we also show you how to add interactivity
to your flash productions All of the exercises in our website can be altered to
fit your own projects. Take the basic recipes we provide, change the images,
the colors, and Ė voila! - You have an original design. After mastering the
basic recipes, you can branch out and add your own creative spark to what you
have learned from our website. Thatís when it really becomes fun. And when you
have mastered this application and put a few examples of your expertise on
internet, people may start seeking you out for your flash services. Thatís when
it becomes both fun and profitable. A word of caution is in order here. Once
you learn the application, youíll start thinking of new and cool ways to dazzle
your viewing audience. The only problem is that these creative sparks often
wake you from a sound sleep. Keep a pad and pencil by your bedside so you can
jot your new idea down and get back to your sleep. Online examples and source
files. Throughout our website there are examples that demonstrate the various
techniques that you can use in your flash productions.

Youíll find these examples and
source files, along with some added bonuses, at the McGraw-Hill/Osborne website
for you to refer to and, in some cases, modify and customize for your own
movies. these will come in handy, especially when you are trying to come to
grips with the more advanced features of flash 8 .You can use the source code
together with the written text to gain a comprehensive understanding of both
the creative and technical aspects of flash 8 .The structure of our website There
are five parts to use our website. the chapter subjects are arranged in order
of complexity , starting with the more basic aspects of flash and building up
to the final chapters, which introduce the programís more advanced features ,
such as how to work with Action Script and how to publish flash files . Our
website is organized into the following parts:

 Part 1: learn the building blocks
of flash

Part 1 is designed to give you an
overview of what flash is all about, its fabulous capabilities, and the process
you would use to actually build a movie in flash .Here, your first animation
comes to life, giving you a hands-on tour of flash and the tools of application.
Youíll also get an in-depth look at the flash workspace.

Part 2: Add graphic elements to your flash movies Part
2 introduce the process of creating objects in flash and manipulating the
properties of these elements.

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